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Who Can Be a Carer?

Anyone - a 10 year old caring for a parent with an alcohol addiction, a 40 year old caring for their partner with Cancer or an 80 year old caring for a spouse with dementia.

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What is a Carer?

Anyone who is unpaid caring for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, mental illness or an addiction cannot cope with every day tasks without support.

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"When I wake up on a Friday I know I have something to get ready for. When I come home on Friday afternoon I think 'Oh no, I've got a whole week to wait'. I really enjoy the day - it's the only thing I do now." - Kath, age 92

Day Care Club

As an alternative to care in the home, our Day Care Clubs offer respite for carers of elderly relatives who are able to leave home temporarily.

The Clubs aim to provide a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere both for carers and the cared for. If a carer arrives feeling low, we are there to listen and at times lend a shoulder to cry on.

We are able to offer our Club services to people with varying degrees of dementia including young onset dementia. We can also offer advice and professional counselling to dementia sufferers and their families.

Our Brentwood Day Care Clubs meet on Tuesdays at The Gables, Essex Way, Great Warley.

James Merriott gives a watercolour demonstration


A range of activities is organised by the Day Care Club team, including:

Card and board games

General knowledge quiz

Visitor talks

Reminiscence sessions


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