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Who Can Be a Carer?

Anyone - a 10 year old caring for a parent with an alcohol addiction, a 40 year old caring for their partner with Cancer or an 80 year old caring for a spouse with dementia.

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What is a Carer?

Anyone who is unpaid caring for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, mental illness or an addiction cannot cope with every day tasks without support.

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 “Your organisation should be very proud to have such wonderful Carers. Thank you for sending them to us"

Our aims

The pressure of caring for a loved one can sometimes become unbearable. At Crossroads, our goal is to relieve the pressure not only by providing the all important short breaks, but also with practical and emotional support for anyone affected by a care need. We aim to:


Our Services

Our services currently include:

In Brentwood and its surrounding parishes, we also offer:

What we do

Our Carer Support


Carer Support Workers are Crossroads Care employees who temporarily take over the role of the Carer, giving them a break when it is most needed.   

They understand what Carers and those they care for need and feel. They know the simple things that really matter and take pleasure in fitting into family life. It’s no surprise that Crossroads staff build long and trusted relationships and that more people turn to us for support than to any other social care provider.

Crossroads Care follows a strict programme of regular training as required by the National Care Standards Commission - read more in the Training section of About us.